The most popular PMP Exam Prep guide will be Rita Mulcahy PMP® Exam Prep. I have surveyed 5 other PM Prep related blogs and So I became really curious about the book – what is so good about it that got everyone raving about the book?

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I will review the book based on three factors: Creditability, Book Content, and Pros vs Cons.

1. Creditability

  • Rita Mulcahy, PMP®, is a well-seasoned and greatly respected expert in the field of project management.
  • Those that have regularly attended PM congresses will notice Rita’s familiar presence in professional PM events. Rita was PMI® chapter officer for years and frequently speaks at PMI® Global Congress, Project World, and PMI®’s International Project Management Symposium.
    She now publishes PMP Exam preparation books and runs trainings through her RMC Project Management company.
  • In short, she has sufficient or more than sufficient experience in the world of Project Management, PM Accreditation business and Training areas. So definitely she is quite an expert.

2. Book Content:

  • The book covers all the required topics in project management of the PMP® Exam Outline with razor sharp focus on helping project manager to pass the PMP® exam in first try.
  • There are more than 400 PMP exam practice questions, including a set of mock exam
  • The PMBOK-based project management concepts are explained based on real-world project issues. Therefore, you will be able to relate to the case studies and even apply the concepts in your daily work easily.
  • Gaming tools and exercises to use to add some fun into learning. And it definitely can be very effective in project management study which can be quite dry sometimes.
  • Unusual approach of “Tricks of the Trade” to provide more insiders’ tips of the how to apply the project management concepts in real life.
  • Clear cross-references of page number to the PMBOK® Guide 5th edition so that you can refer to the PMBOK® Guide anytime you need..
  • The most important part is the extra chapters including one chapter on PMI® matters and another chapter on preparing the PMP exam. The latter is based on survey from real PMP candidates and real life project managers.

3. Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Covers beyond the processes and Input-Technique and Tools-Outputs (ITTOs). The books shows how PMBOK can make a PM better prepared, more effective, and more knowledgeable.
    • Practice questions in the book are of similar level of difficulty of the real PMP test. This is tougher than other free questions I have tested online.
    • Well edited without typos and editorial mistakes which were all over the Crowe’s book
    • Rita’s Process map, when combined with what the PMBOK says, brings it all together and makes sense.
    • Level of detail is helpful by covering study tips and which formulas to remember.
    • In the Quality, Procurement and Risk Management Areas of Knowledge, in particular, the exercises did a great job distinguish the planning, executing and controlling Process Groups.
  • Cons:
    • It will be helpful to map out the processes on a grid of Process Groups and Areas of Knowledge, to show the overall inter-relations.
    • There are some PMBOK theories covered on the exam that may be absent here, eg: definition etc. You are likely to get 1-2 questions in real PMP exam.
    • Each chapter has its own end-of-chapter questions, but no “final exam” covered in the book. The Andy Crowe book offered end of chapter questions, and 200 questions PMP mock exam set
    • Some of the questions are way too “open-ended” eg: “What do you think a PM should do to measure risk?” This style of questions are not helping the PMP exam prep needs at all. Some people found it annoying when all you wanted to do is to get familiarized with real exam experience.
    • The price is on the “high” side. It could be due to the inclusion of a DVD. But for those that have to invest on PMP from their own pocket, it is still a much better deal compared to a PMP prep boot-camp.

4. Conclusion:

  • I give  this book as a fair 4/5, due to a fair balance of the values the book offers vs the price its asking for.
  • According to pmlessonlearned, this is the great book for PMP aspirants that want a more comprehensive coverage of everything.
  • From what I have read myself, this book definitely has delivered that completeness of what you need to know for passing PMP exam.

5. How to buy:

You can get the book from you local book store. Or via Amazon for $74.76 via the Checkout button below.

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  • Amazon delivers within the week if you are near the main Amazon hubs (US, UK, Germany etc) or within 1-3 weeks if you are located in other countries.
  • You can check the estimated shipping time during your check out.
  • Do make sure you order in advance and include the lead time in your Game Plan.