When I was going through several PMP prep guides online, I noticed several mentions of the high quality of Scordo‘s practice questions. It is never easy to present PMP concepts in an interesting way. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get through very dry content. That is acceptable sometimes because you can make a difference if you can get hold of quality PMP practice questions. Based on what I read, I became curious about Scordo‘s book. And that led me to borrow the book from my local library and find it out myself.

In this post, I will assess the book based on author’s background, the pros and cons that I found, and book content.

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1. Creditability

  • Christopher Scordo, PMP®, ITIL, has written quite a few professional/technical books help project managers to prepare for project management certifications such as the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam.
  • Christopher Scordo is also a project management consultant in several areas eg: software development, IT deployment, etc.

2. Book Content

  • 1000+ Project Management Professional (PMP®) practice questions which makes Scordo the most generous PMP prep guide author I have ever come across.
  • The questions in this PMP® exam prep question book are presented through 18 mini PMP® exams that you can complete in 1 hour. So this really helps those of us that may not easily carve our 4 hours in a row just to do a PMP mock exam.
  • 11 PMP® tests that focuses on the specific knowledge areas from the PMBOK® Guide.
  • Answer rationales are provided to all the practice questions
  • Bonus reference guide is included. This bonus guide provides all the calculation formulas required for the PMP® exam. Perfect to be used for last minute revision right before the real exam.

3. Pros vs Cons

  • Pros
    • The structure of the practice questions in this book were quite similar to the questions from the actual PMP test I took.
    • The “mini” PMP mock exam set from this book are much shorter than the actual exam. The book also contains a few of quizzes grouped by topic. While the PMP quizzes focus on the knowledge areas, while the “mini” PMP mock exams cover the entire scope of the PMP exam.
    • Each of the “mini” mock exams took me about an hour to complete. The shorter “sprint” of mock exam practice gave me time to check my answers and study focus areas so that I can do better on the next one.
    • The PMP exam taking tips are helpful for people that are taking the PMP exam for the first time. Some tips are rather basic, while others are more relevant to the PMP exam.
    • Some of the answers to the questions, are clearly explained. There are quite a lot of situational and scenario-based questions using real life project management case studies. And this is exactly what you need to get familiarized with the style of questioning in real PMP exams.
    • The passing score for the “mini” mock exams are higher than the actual exam. So, this is very helpful to get you used to passing exams at higher score than you technically are required to.
  • Cons
    • Again, there are a lot of grammatical errors throughout the book. I start to feel that these PMP prep guide authors are just pushing the limits. It will not pose an issue if you have generic project management background to interpret the content yourself.
    • Before you buy this book, you should realize that this is only an PMP exam guide. It does not contain the actual PMBOK textbook material that you need to deep dive into the PMBOK concepts. Rita’s book would be able to close that gap.
    • Although the structuring of the questions are quite realistic to real PMP exam, these questions are just not difficult enough to get you ready with the real PMP exams.
    • In earlier part of this post, I did mention that some of the questions and answers from this book are clearly explained. However majority of explanations in the answer rational can be very limited such as “The answer to this question is (c).” That did not add to what I already knew from my mistakes.

4. Summary

  • This book will get a rating of 3/5 from me
  • There are not many other PMP prep guides at this price points, except Kim Heldman’s book and Headfirst’s PMP. Therefore, finding a useful PMP prep guide for a reasonable price is difficult.
  • However Christopher Scordo did a great job by packing a great amount of content with very few pages wasted.
  • In general, this is a great book to expose you to different style of questions, on top of your existing PMP prep guide (such as Rita’s book).

5. Where to Buy

You can get the book from you local book store. Or via Amazon for USD$47.45 via the Checkout button below.

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  • Amazon delivers within the week if you are near the main Amazon hubs (US, UK, Germany etc) or within 1-3 weeks if you are located in other countries.
  • You can check the estimated shipping time during your check out.
  • Do make sure you order in advance and include the lead time in your Game Plan.