Before I became a PMP (Project Management Professional) certified project manager, one of the questions I often came across amongst junior project managers was… is it worth getting PMP certified? The process of taking the PMP exam is expensive, the application process requires a lot of preparation, then you still have to study. Is it worth jumping through these hoops to attain PMP certification?

One of the key benefits is career progression and demand PMP salary increase after passing your PMP exam prep. Let us do a factual comparison.

If you get PMP certified as PMI member, there are the benefits you will have access to:

Demand power for salary increase

PMI’s PMP Salary Survey concludes that 76% of PMP get salary increase between a wide range from 1% to 20% from their salary before PMP exam. Average PMP salary is also 20% higher than non-PMP. What does this mean to you? This means you have an industrial wide trend and benchmark that you can use to demand for your salary increase. Before you passing the PMP exam, you have been earing 20% much less than your PMP certified peers. With PMP, you will be in a stronger position to make your demands to your employer.

PMP Exam Prep Salary Guide

Stay competitive in project management job market

Of course, getting your salary increase also depends on your performance and the salary scheme in your company. But this is a good health check of your worth in the job market. After passing PMP exam successfully, you will have additional internationally recognized and well-demanded PMP certification in hand. This means additional highlights to your resume if you want to test the water in the open job market outside the company. PMP certification places you in different league.

Access to significant amount of knowledge resources

If you get your PMP certification as a PMI member, you will also gain access to free webinars provided by ProjectManagement.Com. There are also tonnes of articles for your project management career. These articles are written by project management experts. So you will be in good hands. Most importantly, you will get free access to PMI collection of eBooks on Books 24×7 via website. Imagine Amazon kindle to many business and project management reference books.. These are more books that you can possibly finish reading in a year. If you do become PMI member before your PMP exam, you can use a few PMP prep guides in Books24x7 to help you PMP exam prep. Some PMP prep guides even had 600 free PMP practice questions in this portal. Check the article on free PMP exam practice questions for the links.

Now let us look at the PMP exam costs you will need to invest to get a good salary as a PMP after passing PMP exam.


Cost Items Member Non-Member
PMI Membership Fees $139 0
CBT Test Fees $405 $555
Reexamination CBT Fees $275 $375
Total Fees $544 $555


It is not so bad. Isn’t it?

If you do earn close to the average non-PMPs according to the PMP salary survey, the investment required to get is about more or less of 5% from your annual salary. By investing this 5% from your annual salary to go through a few months of PMP exam prep, you will join the league of PMPs and be able to grow your career and PMP salary for about extra 20% more.

The choice is yours.

What was your decision point when you chose to start your PMP exam prep? Were you surprised by how much more PMP salary is? Please leave a comment below to share with others. Thanks.