I live by the principle that I am in charge of my PMP career. So I have been actively navigating my PMP career path to make sure I do the work that can maximize my potential. If you have the same mentality, great. Then here are some PMP career tools I used that you will be interested in:

1. Learn More, Study Less


I am mentioning Learn More, Study Less for a reason. University years was long time ago for me. So when I had to study for my certification CCBA and CISA, I had a hard time to prepare for them through self learning. Learn More, Study Less helped me to focus and get through the rut. Of course, it is not an exam guide. But it taught me the wholistic approach to self learning that I have applied for many other professional exams in my life. I used it for my PMP exam prep as well and it definitely helped me to pass the exam confidently. –> Click here to see if this will help you to build a lifelong skill.


2. Resume Writing Skills

  • The Amazing Resume Creator


Now that you worked hard to get pass your PMP exam, what if your boss does not support your career progression? Will you be able to stay working at the same place and still feeling happy? One way to plan your exit plan well is to test the market and find out for yourself. That was what I did. I used a resume writing software that to help me to produce professionally written resume effectively and quickly. The more resumes I could produce and customize for different potential employers, the quicker I found out my answers. I know which employer is looking for PMP credentials and I learned very fast enough what do I have that they want. Click here to find out more.

  • Resume Writing E-Course


The process of writing a great resume is when you are writing about yourself, and your best self. But I find that writing resume is a painful task. So I tried to find out how can writing a great resume be simplified. How can I learn the steps. BlueSky’s resume writing course has helped me to understand how to get many quality responses to my resume. I had doubts in the past if I am writing my resume the way the employers and headhunters are looking for. Thanks to this e-course, all the answers became quiet clear to me. Well, it is a step by step e-course about resume writing. Click Here to check it out and see if it can help you.

  • Resume Writing Guide


Imagine a manager at your dream company reading your resume and calling you on the spot. Does that happen to you? I actually had that experience. And it is a good feeling. According to BlueSky’s method, simple language and formatting refinements can improve your response rate by as much as 50%. This is another resume writing guide showing you exactly how to do that. The difference between the e-course and guide is actually quite minimal. But both materials are from the same writer. And the content just fits different style. There is a preview on the ebook on their page. The price is almost similar. I have used the previous one but not this one. But I just want to make sure you are aware it. So Click here to have a look at the preview and decide for yourself.

3. Career Planning and Progression

  • Future Proof Your Career


If you have passed PMP by now, what else can you do to protect your job from the next cycle of bad economy? Every two years when the economy changes, a lot of my colleagues were fired when big transition came. It is just not a good feeling. So I used Future Proof Your Career to assess my career and plan my progression in my career path accordingly. My career plan was specific to me and not specific for the employer that I worked for. It is important if anybody could lose their job. So, you should keep your eyes open and look at the big picture including the whole industry you work in. I wanted to make sure I know what jobs suit my strengths. I didn’t trust my employer that they will have my best interests. At the end of the day, when they fire somebody, who’s the one that became the victim? Definitely not themselves. So I decided to take control of my career. This tool included a guidebook with manual that you can draft your planning on. And I’m very glad I did it. Now I have a clear picture about my strengths and my career strategy that I learned from this material. Do not let your PMP study effort go to waste. If you want to find out more here.

  • The World’s Best Career Enhancement Portal


As a ambitious project manager that invested so much time into getting PMP, it is a good sign that you want more out of your career. Do you also want to improve your ability to secure a job, gain a promotion and enhance your career? Career Enhancement Network is a top UK career advisory company. I have signed up the trial at Career Enhancement portal. Based on what the career guidance that I also receive from my Fortune 5 employer, I have to say that they have done a great job to make top industry career guidance accessible to everyone. Even though the site is from UK, but I find that the content is generic enough for project managers that work everywhere else in the world. Click here to find out about the trial. If you are happy with what you get, then only you think about getting a longer term subscription. You have a chance to test it out at almost no cost. So this is a safe arrangement.

4. Job Search

  • The Blue Sky Guide To Job Search


When I was in between job years ago, I needed a way to get out of my hopeless situation. I did not quite know how. So I started looking for tips and guides online that can help me. I came across Louise Fletcher. She used to be a HR executive so she knows the in’s and out’s of the recruitment industry. I got a copy of her Job Search guide. And thanks to her, I got a job in Fortune 5 company with great opportunity to sponsor my PMP. 🙂 Hopefully, you can use the guide to do something different for yourself. Find out more here!

5. Project Management Hacks

  • Project Management And Business Documents


I love to take shortcuts and become more productive in my work. What about you? Would you like to get more done? One of the things I do very regularly is to use templates. Even though there are standard guidance provided on what should go into project documents, I find it very too time-consuming to tweak the template to suit my needs. So I started looking for quality project management documents and templates online. Then I found PM Milestone with 7000+ project management document templates. You hear me right. There are 7000 and more templates to start with. These templates were suitable for contractual part of the project if you have to deal with contractors. And I also used it for HR, tendering, and safety inspection activities for my project. Whenever I need a template, I just type a keyword in my folder and the right template will always be there. There is already guidance in the template. So I just fixed it up with the information from my project and it’s done. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. Best for you to have a look for yourself and see if this is what will help you be more productive at your work, and spend time at focusing on your stakeholders. Click Here!

  • Vertex42 – The Excel Nexus


I found some free templates such as calendar, schedule planning and yearly calendar that can help to plan out your project activites. The site also provides some high-grade professional level spreadsheet solutions for project management at a fee. I found the free templates are already quite useful. And I have reviewed the spreadsheet solutions for financial and budgeting use. They worked very well! You can download a lot of templates for personal use for free from Vertex42 website. You only pay if you want the “Pro version” of some professional templates. If you want to reduce your effort spent on financials for your product, you will find Vertex42 helpful. Click here to visit Vertex42 site.