When I was preparing my PMP application, I had this little voice in my head.

“Please do not audit my PMP application. Please.”

I really didn’t want my PMP application to get audited for one reason. My PMP prep was planned accordingly and I just wanted everything to go as expected with no surprise delay.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

So I did all I could to prepare my PMP application to survive an audit. And you know what? My application didn’t get audited. And I had many nights of good sleep because I did everything I could.

Let me share 8 simple things to help you get through your  without “audit” worry:

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

PMP audit process is a completely random process.

This is what you should know from the start. Only a small percentage of submitted applications are selected for an audit out of all the applications. Due to the random nature of this process, please already assume that your application will be selected and do your best. Nobody can guarantee that you will not get audited.


Prepare for you PMP application honestly.

The purpose of the audit is to make sure all certified PMPs are credible. If you want to get a certification with value, the audit is necessary to filter out those that may not meet the PMP requirements. So, include the project experiences and trainings that you have evidence for. If you do not have them, make sure you use other options instead.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

Do as told and do your best.

You need to first submit your PMP examination application through PMI website. All the requirements in PMP Handbook must be met. You should do your best to ensure the good quality of your PMP application especially your references and training documents. Your application will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness by PMI. Then, you will receive an official e-mail from PMI that to ask you to pay the PMP examination fees. Just do it.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

Decision point – Audit or not?

This is the most exciting part. Within minutes after you pay the fees, you will know whether or not you get audited. If you receive an e-mail with your eligibility ID, congratulations! You can now schedule for your exam with Prometric. If you receive an email without an eligibility ID, you will see the email telling you that you have been selected for an audit. More instructions from PMI will follow after that email.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

Do not panic.

The worst thing that can happen is: you fail the audit process. You’ll then have to reapply for PMP exam. If you choose not to, PMI will refund your PMP examination fees minus $100 processing fees.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit

Carry on with the audit.

PMI will ask you to them hard copies of the certificates of the trainings you declared in your PMP application. Pick the nearest PMI center and send them everyting they ask for over post or courier. You will have all these details in the audit instruction email.

EasyPM PMP Certification Without Audit


PMI will verify your documents. If they’re happy with your documents, you will receive another e-mail with a successful audit outome and eligibility ID for the PMP exam. Then you can schedule your exam with Prometrics.



Follow through the audit.

If PMI needs more evidence, you may receive another mail from them asking for more evidences. Just follow through with the audit. By now, PMI will either give you an eligibility ID. Or, they will tell you that you have failed the audit. If it happened, the only option is to reapply.

Now you wonder, how can these steps help you worry less? When the audit process is what you cannot influence, the best you can do is to learn about what will happen and be prepared when it happens.

Someone in my office was audited last year and he got through in just about a week. Do you want to worry yourself for months for something that you can resolve in a week or a little more?

At the end of the day, tip #2 is the most important guidance you need to remember. If you are honest in your PMP application, then there is nothing PMI can hold against you.

So, just go ahead and start your PMP certification using the free guide here. Let nothing worry you!