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The fact that you land on this page shows that you do know about PMI and PMP to some extent. When I started my career many years ago, I have heard about PMI and PMP many times. Usually it is from senior colleagues that were busy preparing for the certification. At some point when I stepped into project management world, I knew that PMP would be an option I must consider. It took be years before I was eligible for the application. Now that I am certified PMP, I would like to share everything I have learned along the way and help smoothen someone else’s PMI PMP exam prep process.

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Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the world’s leading non-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management professional. Although it is quite a popular accreditation in IT field that I work in, I have actually met several project managers from civil engineering, and construction during my PMP® exam prep. So, bear in mind that PMI® caters for quite a wide range of professionals. Therefore you will notice that the context provided by PMI® certification exam questions usually is cross-industrial.

PMI offers a 6 different types of certifications and Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the one that brought you here. Since I have only taken PMP® exam, I will focus solely on PMP® in this website. You can find out more about other type of certification at PMI® website here.

What I can tell you is to skip reading the remaining of this note and just get started on your application. 🙂

PMP® certification is good for your career, both on personal growth level and financial level. It has been shown in PMI®’s annual survey that the salary for PMP® certified professional is on the rise year by year. There are organizations that demand for certified PMs in their hiring.

  1. Working towards a career or personal goal gives a great confidence boost. It will feel even better when you manage to pass through the exam. That confidence will reflect in other aspects of your lives.
  2. The knowledge that comes from preparing for PMP® is powerful. You will gain new tools and skills that you can apply to your day to day work.
  3. As mentioned earlier, a valuable industrial certification gives you a bargain chip to make more money.
  4. Expert and authority position to coach and mentor others. With the discipline to understand and prepare for the certification, you will grow in your expertise, which reflects in authority, to guide others.
  5. Stepping stone. Many career changes have started with certifications. Some people that are not yet full time project managers have benefitted from using the PMP® certification for career move.

So, are you more convinced than yesterday?

I would encourage you to work towards PMP® certification as your personal goal. Hope to see you on the other side.