Since PMI is already using PMBOK 5th Edition for the latest PMP certification exam, I was doubting if I should include the PMP sample questions that were based on PMBOK 3rd and 4th Edition. Of course, there will always be value to go through as many pmp sample questions as possible. So, instead of me deciding on that, I decided to share them with you and let you decide for yourselves.

treasure - PMP practice questions and pmp sample questions

Let me know in the comments below if you do go through any of these questions. Did you find them helpful? Were they still up to date?

Directory for PMP Practice Question Banks Based on PMBOK 3rd and 4th Edition

  1. Brighthub: 10 Free Questions on Project Quality Management
  2. BrightHub: 8 Free Questions on Risk Management
  3. BrightHub: 8 Free Questions on Project Communications Management
  4. BrightHub: 8 Free Questions on Project Cost Management
  5. BrightHub: 8 Free Questions on Project Scope Management
  6. Way2PMP: 26 Questions
  7. Munir Sakhani: 50 Questions for the PMP Exam
  8. Global Knowledge: 10 Free pmp practice questions
  9. Passionate PMP: 155 Free Questions
  10. SMBUTT: 29 Questions
  11. Guruttam: 9 Questions (PDF download)
  12. PM Perfect: 10 Free Questions for the PMP Exam
  13. PMPSampleExam: 45 Free Questions
  14. PM-ABN: 300  Questions (200 – PMBOK 3; 100 – PMBOK 4)
  15. Cram: 1538 Flashcards for PMP Preparation including PMP Practice Questions

So these are the questions that are available in the internet to help you prepare for PMP exam. There is also another directory of 10000 PMP sample questions I have posted. Make sure you check it out.