What made a big difference in my PMP prep effort is the quality of practice questions and the level of difficulty of these questions. I have collected a list of websites providing free or paid PMP sample questions and PMP practice exam sets. The directory starts with the ones I have attempted myself. There are really a lot of PMP practice question banks out with sub-par quality that are helping effectively to show you your improvement areas. I have parked some of the extra 6100++ questions at the bottom of the page. I would strong recommend you to choose the right websites to start from so that your time is spent on quality material.

There are two types of PMP practice question structures: mixed practice questions, or timed mock exam. It will be crucial to complete at least 1500 PMP practice questions and go through 3 to 4 full PMP mock exam sets. The biggest gain for you to go through these many questions is to train yourself to read, process and answer quicker. The PMP mock exam sets will condition you to be used to the length 4 hour-long of real exam. It surely felt like a marathon to me.

Let’s get started.

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Top Recommended PMP Prep Resources:

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PMP Exam Simulator

  • Based on the latest PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition
  • PM Exam Simulator is a new PMP Exam Simulator from the makers of the ground-breaking PM Prepcast.For the PMPs that have passed PMP exam through self study, PM Prepcast is usually the study material of choice.
  • Here are some quick product details:
    •    1800-question exam simulator i.e. 9 full-length 200-question exams
    •    A full exam dedicated to ITTO (Input-Tools-Techniques-Output) based questions
    •    Multiple exam mode with detailed answer explanations
    •    Unlimited 24×7 online access
    •    4 bonus items
    •    Free Trial: Yes (3-day, 2-exam, 60-question)
    •    Price: $99.99 (for 90 days) – With money back guaranteed.
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Of all the free PMP practice questions I have collected, the ones I have completed and would recommend starts from the the top of the list. So, let’s get started!

Minimum Level: 1970 Free PMP Practice Questions

  1. Exam Central (1050 PMP Sample Questions)
  2. BrainBOK (100 PMP Sample Questions) – Google Account Login Required. Easy interface. Upgrade to more questions possible.
  3. Oliver Lehmann (75 PMP Sample Questions) – A very good collection of questions. to test your knowledge. The questions are close to the PMP Exam. A very popular , yet best kept secret.
  4. Oliver Lehmann (175 PMP Sample Questions, PDF download)
  5. PM Exam Simulator (170 PMP Sample Questions, Registration Required) – Possibility to upgrade to paid version.
  6. PMStudy (200 PMP Sample Questions, Registration required) – This is a very popular exam amongst PMP aspirants.
  7. HeadFirst PMP (200 PMP Sample Questions, PDF download) – Questions are much easier than the real PMP exam I took. The answer keys are very clearly explained. This is a good test to take just to clarify your understanding of the concepts.

Next Level Up: 1250 PMP Practice Questions (PMI Membership Required)

  1. Christopher Scordo (review, more details) (PMP Lite Mock Exams and Knowledge Area Quizzes – 1010 PMP Practice Exam Questions) – You need to login via Official PMI Website. These PMP practice tests are grouped by knowledge areas. You will get 18 PMP Lite Mock Exams (50 Questions each) and 11 Knowledge Area Quizzes (10 Questions each). Level of Difficulty: Medium.
  2. Kim Heldman (review, more details)- Chapter-End Questions  (240 PMP Practice Exam Questions) – Same as above. You need to login via Official PMI Website. The questions are a mix level of difficulty between Low to Medium.

For Smartphone Fans: Extra Questions from Oliver Lehmann’s Mobile App

  1. iPhone App (30 PMP Practice Exam Questions)
  2. Android’s App (30 PMP Practice Exam Questions)Questions)
  3. Window’s App (30 PMP Practice Exam Questions)Questions

If you have another 6 more months to spare, you can try the 6100+ questions below:

  1. Prepare PM (Total of 218 Questions – 75 PMP Practice Exam Questions, 28 PMP Practice Exam Questions, 115 PMP Practice Exam Questions)
  2. Tutorial Point (200 Questions)
  3. PMZest (100 Questions)
  4. Best PMP Sample Questions (160 Questions)
  5. Flashcard Exchange (1538 Questions)
  6. Free PM Practice Exam Questions (110 Questions)
  7. 206 Free PMP Exam Questions (206 Questions)
  8. iZen Bridge (100 Questions)
  9. GoCertify (20  Questions)
  10. About.com (20 Questions)
  11. PassionatePM (165 Questions)
  12. TechFAQ360 (200 Questions)
  13. PM Final: PMP Exam Sample Questions
  14. Mosaic Projects Services: Free 30 Questions
  15. MisterExam: Free 480 Questions
  16. Best PMP Sample Questions (10 Questions)
  17. Bright Hub: 10 PMP Practice Questions, 8 PMP Practice Questions
  18. SkillSign: Free 50 Questions
  19. EdWel: Free PMP Practice Exam Questions (200 Questions)
  20. Hidden: 2200+ Free PMP Exam Prep Practice Questions Online


Do you have any additional websites with practice questions to share? Please add them in the comment below. This will help me to update this directory going forward. Thank you 🙂