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The best way to begin your journey as PMP aspirant is to know right from the start the best way to get you ready for PMP certification exam. You can only achieve that if you know someone around you that have already been through the PMP route. Or, you have to do a lot of web browsing. Then, read as much as you can, do as many practice questions as possible. But is that it?msjackson

I am a PMP-certified project manager with a Fortune 500 oil and gas company. I took my PMP exam in June and I passed with 3 Proficient and 2 Moderately Proficient. Before I started preparing for my PMP, I spoke to my colleague about it about a year ago. She was very encouraging for me to start the application process. However, little did I know that the process would take months.

I have spent a lot of time looking for best PMP prep courses that helped me to prepare for the PMP exam. It was not easy. Good and reliable recommendations on PMP prep materials and resources are difficult to find. Usually, whenever I finished a certification exam (Prince2, CCBA, PMP, CISA), my colleagues would ask me for my materials and lessons learned.

How did I manage to get these certifications done? After finishing my university studies decades ago, I never thought about going back to study again until I picked up the skill how to learn more study less. I was usually quite nervous about studying after feeling so rusty about. The holistic learning method really helped me to focus when I needed to study for PMP certification exam under stress.

Anyway, now that I have completed my PMP exam preparation, I decided to publish all my learnings online. I hope others can use this website to make the best informed decisions possible during the journey of PMP preparation.

EasyPM Guide website shares the best PMP® exam prep (questions, online courses, PMP prep guides), recertification and career tips with all PMP aspirants and existing PMP. All materials are curated and summarized for quick reading in your busy days.

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You will also find resources recommendation for your project management and some tools that can help to progress your PMP career.

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